Nouvelle version de DDM en approche: PEACE & LOVE !

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La guilde a publié une curieuse annonce: une nouvelle version de DD minis est en préparation chez WOTC;  il s'agit de  DDM Love (!) ;  le but est d'être bon et aimant avec son adversaire.


Au delà du ridicule du systéme il nous reste à espérer que ce seront de nouvelles figs.




DDM Guild today anounced the release of a new, orthogonal set of miniatures that will be overseen by the DDM Guild.

Head of OP, D.Garry Stupack, said “We are trying to reach a new demographic. We want to involve families with children in the game. We’ve softened the figures somewhat.”


The new game, called “DDM Love” will resemble the current game, but will involve positive reinforcement rather than combat. Creatures will start at 0 LP(love points), alone and lonely, and opposing players will manuever their creatures to reinforce and build the confidence of their opponents.


Using actions such as Hug (reach 2) +14 vs Will, Gain 10 LP and Pull one square, creatures like the (strikingly mauve) Cuddly Dire Bear will be a sure hit in the new starter pack. After reaching their “love max” your opponents creatures simply wander off the board, happy and fulfilled.


“Its definitely a different direction from classic DDM” continued Kevin Tatroe, head of design. More importantly, the rule book is ‘extremely abbreviated,’ both permitting and encouraging players to “work things out in a positive way.”

The game will initially be released using current edition rules, but original edition rules are in the works. After reaching half fulfillment,a creature can seek to leave the board early, with the help of a positive role model.

The game is expected to be a big hit worldwide, but especially in Finland, where release of a deluxe edition is planned.

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Alexis 29/05/2011 22:29

Il faut dire que la news correspondante date du premier avril, comme on peut s'en douter ^_^